I go by the name Llora and I created this blog to help support my manga.

I’ve always wanted to draw my own manga but as soon as I would start… I would lose my enthusiam and start working on something else. So I hope this blog will help me work and work~ so I could accomplish at least one of my ideas..

Anyways~ that was a bit about why the site was created and now more about me:

  • I’m a 10th grade student (but I only have 2 more weeks left of school)
  • I live in Florida, USA.
  • I am the oldest of 4: 2 younger sisters and one baby brother born this year (2009) in March

If I think of more stuff then I’ll put them down later~

By the way, this is my 3rd blog. You can find my other 2 down below (they are both inactive though)

Llora-chan’s Blog

Drawn Dreams


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