Kino no Tabi – 01



This was a pleasant surprise. I really like this show and I hope to see more of it. 😀

First off, we have Kino which I though was a boy when I first heard of this series.  Well, she’s a girl~ It’d be nicer if she had a ponytail.

Then we have Hermes, the talking motorrad.

By the way, Kino no Tabi was done by Studio Wombat. I have never heard of this studio before.


In the first country we see Kino visiting is a place where everyone can read each others minds. Because of that, everyone lives in seclusion so that they cannot hear each others thoughts. The reason for living in seclusion stems from the fact that knowing anyone else’s thoughts can bring sadness and hatred and destruction.



I’m really glad that they brought this up because it shows that I’m not the only one who thinks that knowing each others thoughts is bad. owo

Next time~

Next time~

I think it might bring up a bit about Kino’s past since she mentions “those red eyes from back then.”


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