Binbou Danshi – 01


The only reason I started to watch this show was because of Shibue Joji (Shibby).02

The main character is a real idiot which made watching this really hard. But I think I it’ll get better. So I’m going to stick with it. There’s only 9 episodes so that’s not too bad.

What happened?
What happened?
That explains it!
That explains it!

 Koyama is a big idiot. He lends his money to everyone. The only good thing about him is that he makes funny faces.

This is the face you'll get when you realize that you were swindled.
This is the face you’ll get when you realize that you were swindled.
And it won't go away~
And it won’t go away~

And so he gets swindled because (besides lending out money to anyone) he is overly trusting and is super gullible.

Oh no! Customers...
Oh no! Customers…


This is another person that I like in this series. Shiraishi is the new worker and new neighbor. He gets too nervous most of the time. o_o

She looks like my friend Katherine.
She looks like my friend Katherine.

I like Mimi-chan. She’s a funny character and what surprised me most about her was that she actually helped Koyama out when he needed help. (That guy’s an idiot.) A lot of these characters don’t seem as shallow as they appear to be.


I was surprised that his friends actually came to help. But one of them actually wanted money for helping which made the idiot feel bad so he payed everyone! Shibby is a real friend. I don’t know what Shibby’s character name is so I’m just going to refer to him as Shibby.



I loved this scene~

The last person that I like is that short policeman. I don’t remember his name so I’ll just refer to him with the nickname he has: Megane! (That means “glasses,” by the way.)

I like the outit Mimi-chan's wearing.

I like the oufit Mimi-chan's wearing.

 If you see me draw an outfit that looks similar to her’s, then you know where it came from.


My main reason for watching this until the end will be because of these 2 characters. That’s it. (And maybe because of Shibby >.<)
Next time~

Next time~

We’ll see what else Koyama-baka will get himself into and why Shiraishi-kun is bug-eyed… again.


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