Pumpkin Scissors – 01

01I wasn’t sure of what I was going to get when I decided to watch it… and I’m not sure what made me want to watch it… I even wanted to forget about it after I found out that Gonzo was involved (AIC is also involved, but I didn’t mind them). But I am glad I did~ 🙂

The op was okay. I didn’t care too much for it.

I liked the ed a lot more. I guess Ueda Kana had something to do with it~ But besides that, I really like the end of it when the dog speaks back to Ueda Kana’s character.

I was really surprised with a lot of the characters. I was expecting them to have a different personality than the ones they are given. Especially Alice, the main girl character who has the short, blond hair.

Aww~ geez… I was thinking I was going to have enough time to write everything I wanted to write but it’s already really late and I should be asleep by now (I have part of an exam tomorrow). I write tons more on the 2nd episode.


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