Hi hi! I’m back with some new motivation!

Ezen (Hiro)Well, I’ve basically revived my blogging-self by using my motivation to finish at least one of the many ideas I have for my very own manga.

So I guess I should start with explaining what my manga is about.

A Bell’s Ring: Hiroyuki, shortened to Hiro, is 14-year-old boy who believes that his life is great. He has a great family, great friends, and a great girlfriend. “Life is so great!” he says… until he walks into his room and sees a shinigami. That shinigami tells him that he only has less than 24 hours to live. With that warning, Hiro panics and decides to see his girlfriend to tell her that he’s going to die. Hiro is able to tell her but he is shot a minute after he does. He soon wakes up to see that same shinigami that warned. That shinigami corrects Hiro saying that he’s not a shinigami but a spirit named Azurek. He continues to tell Hiro that he has also become a spirit therefore entering the spirit realm of Zeae. Hiro, now named Ezen, must live in Zeae and that is where many things may happen… whether they’re great or not.

I hate during summaries but I guess that’s good enough… I guess.

But continuing on~ this blog won’t only be for my manga. I’ll do some other things also like:

  • Anime blogging (I mostly will do some old anime because I don’t really feel like keeping up with all the current shows that I’m watching. Plus, it’ll be cool to bring some attention to some old anime.)
  • J-music (You need some music to keep you motivated)
  • Games (I love games also!)
  • Random stuff~

And that’s basically it!


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